GS Vapor Hose factory talk how to install the hose

2022-10-18 18:54

  GS Vapour Hose factory believes that the hose should be installed in the middle position, which is the so-called installation length. When installed in this position, the hose can have two moving directions when it is subjected to axial load. Otherwise, if it can only move in one direction, the strength of the metal hose will be affected and the service life will be reduced.

GS Vapor Hose factory

  GS Vapour Hose factory In the actual installation process, considering that using a ruler to measure the length of the hose according to the calculation result and then installing it may affect the production efficiency, some foreign manufacturers install the ruler directly on the hose, and cut the ruler after installation. Lose.

  1. GS Vapour Hose factory chooses a metal hose with a loose flange at one end as far as possible for ease of installation.

  2. The surface of the metal hose should be protected during electric welding at the construction site to prevent welding slag and arc ignition from burning the metal hose.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to twist and install the metal hose.

  4. GS Vapour Hose factory recommends that it should not be bent along the root of the metal hose, and there should be no dead bend.

  5. The medium passed through must not be corrosive to the bellows material, and the chloride ion content in the medium should be less than or equal to 25PPM

  6. Strictly install as shown in the correct installation method.

  7. GS Vapour Hose factory strictly prohibits mechanical damage to the flange sealing surface.